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Can Content Marketing Transform PSF Innovation?

September 29, 2010 , , , , , ,

Bob Buday, an expert in thought leadership and principal of The Bloom Group, recently wrote a blog post that I believe captures my dream for content marketing in professional services. He wrote:

When companies use thought leadership to fuel new services or rejuvenate existing ones, they not only codify expertise on how to solve some business problem; they turn it into capability that many (not just a handful) of their professionals  can use with clients.  They do this by taking a powerful concept described in a white paper or research study and turn it into a rigorous methodology.  They then develop effective curriculum around that methodology and put their professionals through training programs so they can master it.

In other words, content marketing in this scenario is not just a promotional tool, but actually helps to capitalize on the intangibles (ie. intelligence) of a firm. I think it’s useful to think about this not just as the act of writing up a case study. Instead, the content marketer is a conduit to help consultants develop concepts, systems and tools–based on a prior engagement–that can be used by other members of the firm to serve clients.

I have long believed that marketers–particularly those who have depth of experience in a given industry or functional area–can be leveraged as members of the strategic team. But it really does take a special organization (and a talented marketing team) to make this happen. You need a marketer who has the ability to research, analyze, conceptualize and, of course, write. In a perfect world, that person also has a strong sense of information design.

Anyone have experience with this? Examples of firms where marketers are brought on to help build, expand, transform service offerings?

What do you think?

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