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October 11, 2010

Come join us for a big ol’ back-and-forth about business blogging on Nov 3 with Seltzer Design! I’ll be on a panel with Annie Smidt from Seltzer and Aaron Desatnik from NEXUS and we’ll be covering the practical strategies companies should consider when planning for and executing company blogs.

While blogs seem like an easy path for companies who are trying to build a content marketing strategy, the choice is definitely not for everyone. What do you hope to gain? How will you measure success? Have you identified your passionate experts and enlisted their support? How will you create a social media echo effect? If you want a good idea of the amount of work involved in building a blog following, check out Junta Joe’s 35 ways to market your blog.

Next post… What Would Chris Koch Do? (WWCKD) I’ll be giving you a round-up of why Chris Koch is my blogging hero (and why he breaks all my rules).