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Content Marketers: How Often Should You Publish?

June 8, 2010 ,

I received a call late last week from an editor at Consulting Magazine to discuss content marketing strategies for professional service firms. One of his questions: how often should firms–particularly small to mid-size firms–publish content in order to remain credible and visible? In the past, I may have said weekly or monthly. But I’ve changed my mind on this one after receiving a ridiculous number of awful e-newsletters of late…

You should commit to publishing content on a schedule that assures that each and every issue is whip-smart, well designed, and of clear value to your audience. If you’re not sure that you can come up with smart content on a weekly basis, then change up your editorial calendar. I would venture to guess that plenty of firms can’t even commit to high-quality content on a monthly basis. If so, move to quarterly. Here is a warning: if you fall down and publish content that is boring–or worse, unintelligent–you may not get a second chance from your readership. 

The one kind-of-sometimes exception to this rule is blogging. The medium is informal by nature and there are those of us who like to use our blogs to test out ideas and engage in unstructured conversations with our colleagues and prospects. Plus, who is really going to tune-in to a quarterly blog? Use your blog to “look smart and walk fast” (as my father used to say when leading us through tough neighborhoods in NYC). Use the conversational aspect of blogging to show off your wit and wisdom in smaller bit-sized packages. 

So content marketers, how often should you publish? On a schedule that assures you can deliver the brainy goods in a beautiful package each and every time.

On another note, I am guest-blogging over at Junta42’s  Content Marketing Institute today. Check out my post today: 6 Ideas B2B Content Marketers Can Take from Professional Journalists.

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Clare, I agree with you suggestion about adjusting your publishing schedule to ensure you provide high quality content.


July 23, 2010

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