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Accenture Still Suffering Loss of Tiger

May 21, 2010 , ,

Every time I visit Accenture’s website and see their stop-gap, post-Tiger branding strategy I feel a tinge of sadness.

The Tiger campaign was beautiful because of its emotional qualities. The perfectionism and athleticism–mixed with occasional humor–summed up the aspirations of Accenture’s client base. It was the go-to example of rock star marketing for every professional service marketer. 

Notice how the old campaign appealed to both business strategy and personal strategy (It’s what you do next that counts). That personal echo in the Tiger campaign was the secret ingredient. The elephant? You’re never to big to be nimble? No personal appeal. There are other creatures and corny taglines in this compaign, but I’ll spare you the pain. The Photoshopped images are too cute for the macho world of consulting.

Many of Tiger’s old sponsorships are coming back but, mark my words, Accenture won’t touch him. Accenture needs to dig down and take greater risks in their marketing… this current campaign won’t be around for long.

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