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Brandkarma: Your Revenge Moment Has Arrived

March 23, 2010 , , , ,

Have you ever felt the need to dump on a brand? Maybe your Comcast technician treated you like a donkey and you want to get even? Your moment has arrived.

Fast Company today tipped me off to Craig Davis’s latest venture: Brandkarma

Launched today, Brandkarma is a social media platform where members can gripe or celebrate brands–and companies in turn can get early information about their brands from the frontline. So far the beta site is in it’s infancy… serious infancy. When I checked in their Facebook fan page had 8 members (including me). Even so, I think this is a concept with incredible potential.

The site asks you to rate brands from the perspective of: planet, customers, employees, suppliers, investors. 

From those ratings, they create a flower of sorts with petals sized to represent the average rating (such as below).

IMO, the infographic they are using is confusing… hard to figure out what size of petal means vs. color. I’m sure if I read the site carefully I would be able to understand their design methods but… why do I have to??

I’m excited to see where the project goes and whether it gains traction in these early months. OK.. I’m off to lay waste to my least favorite brands: Citibank, T-Mobile and Comcast. [Insert villainous cackle.]


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