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Oh WSJ Infographics… How I love thee.

January 19, 2010

I’ve been harping a lot recently on infographics. Why? I think we are at a cross-roads with content marketing. B2B Magazine reports that 70% of companies their surveyed are using e-newsletters. Let me repeat that: 70% of B2B companies in the US have adopted e-newsletters. There’s a lot of spam in that category, I dare say. 

What’s a marketer to do? Design is absolutely critical in winning over readership. I want to be careful to say that good design is not the only ingredient necessary (otherwise known as lipstick on a pig), but excellent idea sourcing and writing, coupled with an intelligent use of information design and graphics, can be a powerful mix. My favorite e-newsletter design these days: PwC’s 10 Minute series

For those who are interested in information design, I recommend the Wall Street Journal’s interactive section. For a subset of articles they publish each day, the WSJ develops interactive charts and graphs to help their readers dive deeper into the subject. Their coverage of the Galleon hedge fund debacle in interactive visuals last Fall was a great marriage of journalism and visual design.

For businesses using content marketing as a core marketing and business development strategy, you should think closely not only about developing great written content, but also how to illuminate that content through design. For the budget-conscious, it may be as simple as using call-out boxes to aid folks who may be skimming. For those with larger coffers, infographics are a powerful way to reinforce your message and show off your intelligence. After all, smart graphics can be a beautiful amalgam of the analytical and creative—which may be just the message you want to send about yourself if you work in professional services. 

Another good resource: the WSJ’s new book on the subject.

I’ll be speaking on this subject tomorrow at Seltzer Design’s Breakfast Forum, which will take place at Greenberg Traurig’s offices at 1 International Place in Boston.


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You made good points about infographics in this post and in your Seltzer presentation. Thanks!

Susan Weiner

February 9, 2010

Thanks Susan!


February 16, 2010

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