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All About Content Marketing: A Killer eBook.

December 27, 2009

Velocity Partners‘ eBook entitled, “The B2B Content Marketing Workbook” is a stunner. An excellent overview of content marketing (otherwise known as thought leadership marketing) packaged up in a beautiful eBook. This project perfectly illustrates why design matters so much when communicating big ideas. As readers on the web, we are scanners. There is so much out there that we are trained to skim content for main points and every so often, the content+design is so intelligent and appealing that we are drawn in to read more closely and truly engage with it. This is what we are all after in content marketing, isn’t it? A compelling story and an engaged reader?

The B2B marketplace is still struggling with how to manage content—and whether they should outsource this core marketing activity. Unless the marketing team can truly balance expertise with information design, I believe it is imperative that content marketing is outsourced. Read this (“Multi-tasking Makes You Stupid“) if you have any doubts.

Happy New Year!


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Thanks! Much appreciated.

Doug Kessler

December 27, 2009

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