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RSM McGladrey’s New Campaign

October 28, 2009

I am a student of professional services marketing and I was impressed by RSM McGladrey’s new campaign, “Natalie is Understood.” Too often, B2B marketers think they are targeting the “enterprise” and forget that their message needs to touch real people with real aspirations. RSM McGladrey’s campaign–though some may consider it derivative of the famous Accenture Tiger Woods branding–tries in it’s own way to appeal to their customer base through intimacy and conversation. I have now seen the campaign in three different places (banner ad and two print ads). 

Amazingly enough, very few professional service firms try this kind of emotional appeal. Most are cookie-cutters of one another. Why is it that consumer brands have mastered the emotional appeal while B2B still thinks we are all robots? An interesting article in AdAge recently tackled the subject here (“Why B2B Branding is Like the Awkward Girl in High School.”)

My absolute favorite example of rock-star status emotional B2B branding: IBM Global Services. It’s smart, it’s quirky, the graphic design is stunning. And the biggest feature of IBM marketing: IBM employees talking in conversational (and often humorous) terms about the work they do to change the world. Emotional B2B branding at its best.


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