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Using Tagclouds for Marketing Analysis

September 6, 2008 , , ,

I came across a very resourceful use of tag clouds while doing research for a client. A blog hosted by private banking management consultants, Arvetica, used tag clouds to emphasize the different marketing perspectives among private banks (see visual below). A tag cloud uses word counts to visually weigh the incidence of different key words within a given text (yes, I know you know, but I have to spell it out). Arvetica used tag clouds in a different way: they pulled marketing materials from Credit Suisse and Mirabaud’s private banking businesses and used word counts to understand their POV.


The tag cloud above shows that Credit Suisse is much more client focused—repeating words like “you” while de-emphasizing their own brand name. Alternatively, Mirabaud’s messaging speaks from the 3rd person perspective, with a big emphasis on words like “our” and “we.”

Tag clouds are an easy way to show differentiation in marketing messages among competitors working in the same space—and an excellent analytical tool to share with clients. You can easily make your own tag clouds using Wordle.


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