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Millenials are resourceful…

August 27, 2008 , ,

OK, so I usually don’t sign up for broad stereotypes, and Millenials have withstood their fair share. Probably the most popular being that they expect to be given challenging, exciting projects and lots of responsibility from the get-go… which rankles with older employees who “paid their dues.” This spoof article from The Onion pretty well sums it up!

But you really do have to give Millenials credit for their resourcefulness. These ventures I think typify the Millenial spirit: Just about everyone has heard about, blogged about, tweeted about this online t-shirt store. Threadless accepts entries for T-shirt designs, organizes a weekly vote, and then prints/sells those t-shirts through their online store. It’s a classic Millenial venture: based on collaboration, egalitarian, pop-culture-turned-art, and an example of how a really mundane idea (like: why the hell didn’t I think of that?) can be transformative.

Sean Tevis, first-time political candidate, cartoonist: When Sean Tevis decided to run for Kansas State Rep, he was told he needed >$25K to pull it off. So he thought up a stick-figure political cartoon, posted his smart-but-nerdy comic on the Web–and in less than 2 weeks he had raised the full amount. The comic strip’s name: “Running for Office: It’s like flamewar with a forum troll, but with an eventual winner.” Using social web strategies, Tevis raised more money from local donors than his three-term incumbent. (OK… I’m not totally sure he’s a Millenial… probably on the cusp, but embraces the spirit nonetheless!)

Sacha Chua: I’m always amazed by the blogging habits of Millenials–and how willing they are to share personal details, even in a part-professional blog. I happen to love Sacha Chua’s blog for its combination of personal details, professional smarts, nerdy tech details and super-creative insights. Here’s a great example of her style… Nice to see people who manage to blend their personal passion with work, and v.v.


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